Arena Tourist has a net-rate hotel and non-hotel tourism offering that allows for excellent margins for resale.
Our innovative technology allows us to offer an xml/api connection that is quick and easy to develop.
Through login, you access an intuitive interface that allows you to manage the purchase and resale of our products.
Our experience and professionalism, presence in the area, and multilingual staff allows tour operators and travel agencies to have a partner capable of handling all accommodation, transfer and excursion requests.


  • Competitive B2B rates of hotels, campgrounds, apartments and residences;
  • Ability to book accommodations, even last minute;
  • Ability to handle high flows of hotel reservations or requests;
  • Excellent rates for groups and individuals, also for Incentives and events;
  • Proven ability to organize sports and cultural events;
  • Offers excellent transfer rates with buses and private boats;
  • Organization of excursions throughout the Veneto region.


  • Easy and intuitive booking platform;
  • We offer net rates with markup management capabilities;
  • Easily manageable XML linking.